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Procedure Prep Information

The prep sheets are sorted by procedure. You may view printable versions of the prep sheet by clicking the links below. The sheets are in PDF format so you'll need a free PDF reader in order to view them.

MoviPrep (Colonoscopy )
- Moviprep Sheet
- Moviprep Sheet - Spanish
- Clear Liquid Diet

SuPrep (Colonoscopy )
- SuPrep Sheet
- SuPrep Sheet - Spanish

Prepopik (Colonoscopy )
- Prepopik
- Prepopik Span
Golytely-Nulytely-Trilyte (Colonoscopy )
 - GNT 1-Day Prep Sheet
 - GNT Prep Sheet
 - GNT Prep Sheet - Spanish
 - Clear Liquid Diet

HalfLytely (Colonoscopy )
 - HalfLytely Prep Sheet
 - Clear Liquid Diet

Miralax (Colonoscopy )
 - Miralax Sheet

Magnesium Citrate (Colonoscopy )
 - Mag. Citrate 1-Day
 - EGD Prep Sheet
 - EGD Prep Sheet - Spanish
 - Clear Liquid Diet

What to Expect During Your Visit

Although no two patients are the same, each patient's care will include some of the same basic steps: consultation, examination, tests and treatment. Tests or procedures – such as x-rays, blood work, or diagnostic procedures, such as a Colonoscopy or an Endoscopy – appropriate to your symptoms will be ordered. Your physician will help you understand the nature of your disorder, your options for the most effective treatment and the appropriate course of treatment especially for you. For more information about the Colonoscopy, visit the Colonscopy For Dummies site.


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